Your 2016 Paintball Christmas Guide

The holidays are here and with them comes wish lists, present ideas, and the general trade off of children's good behavior in exchange of the promise of presents! This time of year we always see paintball items on kids “lists” but often times parents aren’t sure what to get for their kids. Well, let us help you out. This blog will break down three different price brackets and offer full setups for reasonable prices. Each setup will include all the necessary items to play paintball including a mask, marker, air tank, hopper, and pod pack. The three categories will be a low cost, mid level cost and a high end cost package. 

For the lowest priced package we could build, you can get all 5 key items for about $175! We will discuss a few options in this range so you can end up with a more expensive package if you want but to get all in, $175 is a great deal. One last note, we don't sell any products in our store that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We don’t sell items just because they are cheap, they must also work well or we won't stand behind them by putting them on our shelves.

For low price markers there are 3 that we recommend. The Azodin Kaos2 ($100), the Tippmann Cronus ($100) and the Gog eNMEy ($150). These three mechanical markers require no batteries and the maintenance is simple. On top of that, each marker comes in around $100 which is relatively cheap for a paintball marker. The best mask we could muster in this price range is the Empire Helix. For $31 you get a solid mask and a great thermal lens. These thermal lenses can cost up to $55 for a lens alone so getting a great mask with a thermal lens at that price is a great deal! The pack is the missing piece here, for 15 you can get a basic pod pack to carry extra paint during your games. The last items you need would be a $5 plastic loader and a CO2 tank for $17. So with all of that, you can get a beginner package for $168. All things considered, that is a great price for an amazing Holiday gift.

If you are looking to upgrade a bit in your package we can get you into packages for around $450. At this price range you are looking at guns like the Mini GS, the Rize, the Rize Maxxed, and even up to the Empire Axe, Planet Eclipse Gtek and Etek and more. Each of these guns ranges from $250-$550 so there is a lot of variety in this rage. Each gun we offer will perform well so it really comes down to personal preference. Once you are in this level of gun you will also need better hoppers and tanks. An inexpensive compressed air tank is $60, a comparable loader is $60, and a good, mid level pack is only $23. To round out this category, a great mid price mask is the vForce Profiler mask. At only $70 the profiler is an amazing mask with one of the best lenses in the industry.

The last group is our “supergun” segment and includes nothing but the best items we sell. To start, the best guns on the market right now are the CS1 and the Dye M2 Mos Air. These markers, depending on the model cost $1500 and up. Also in this range, you need the best loaders available to really maximize your investment, the same goes for the tank, mask and accessories. For a Ninja SL tank you will need to spend $205-$225. To keep up with the gun, you will need a spire or a Dye R2 loader, each will cost you around $200. When you get into high end masks, preferences really start to play a role. A proper high end mask can run you from $90-$180. Any of these masks will perform great but they will each fit your face slightly different. Lastly your pack really needs to step up. Our high end pod packs will cost between $55 and $90. Again this section was all the highest end, most expensive items we sell but they really paint a picture of how great a deal the lower end items are.

When it comes to paintball equipment there is an incredible range of prices for gear. You can really get into paintball for not much money at all, or you can spend an incredible amount on top of the line everything. The real question is what items have the best value and we would be happy to help you figure out the right value for your playing needs. Let us know if you have any questions on what the perfect item is for your loved ones christmas gift!