10 Questions to Ask When Booking a Paintball Party

AG Paintball is the longest running paintball park in New England and possibly the world. We have seen it all here, but one thing we love seeing is group parties. Paintball is a great group activity, it gets your heart pumping and blood flowing, but it also fosters teamwork and having fun. In our time here we have seen birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate outings, class trips, team outings and more. For every group that comes, we provide a true experience that is more than just shooting friends with paintballs. Sadly, we seem to be one of the few that worry more about your experience than we do about your booking. Too often, we get groups that have had less than ideal experiences at other party venues. When your group shows up to play paintball, we want you to have the best time possible, so, we have compiled a list of the top 10 questions to ask a paintball field before booking your party.

1) Does your field have bathrooms or port-a-potties? This is one of those questions that no one even thinks about because it should never need to be asked. However, most paintball fields tend to be in rather isolated areas meaning port-a-potties are the standard, if there are even bathrooms on site! Avoid this shock by asking what type of facilities your potential venue has. At AG Paintball we have cut no corners with our well lit, spacious, heated and air conditioned bathrooms, complete with running water and flushing toilets.
2) What kind of paint do you have? While this may seem a bit out there, good paintballs can truly make or break a day of fun. Sometimes, fields cut corners and buy low grade paintballs. These paintballs will not fly as straight, can hurt more, and can possibly stain. It's not a certainty but more often than not, cheap prices come from cheap paint which generate a “cheap” experience. Good paintballs will fly straighter, break when and only when they are supposed to, and they will not stain your clothes. Another issue we have seen is fields buying their paint from wherever is cheapest that day. If you call and a field says “we shoot brand X” but you arrive and are given “Brand Y”, this is a red flag. Here at AG, we shoot the best paint available from Empire and GI. These companies have lead the paintball manufacturing industry for over 20 years. We have a custom blend of paint that can’t be bought anywhere else. Our custom paintball is a special ball made to clean easily, fly straight, and completely and safely decompose. Our paint is such high quality that it is “FDA food safe”!
3) Do you have field insurance? Sadly, we have seen fields that do not have proper insurance for your groups! While every field has a waiver for you to fill out, this does not always mean they have proper insurance. While paintball is an incredibly safe sport, we always believe in the “better safe than sorry” principle. Additionally, for corporate or school outings, insurance may be required. We recommend asking if a field is properly insured before booking as AG Paintball has full medical and liability insurance so all of our players, and yours are 100% safe.
4) How many fields do you have? AG Paintball has 10 different fields. We offer a variety of woodsball fields with capture the flag and elimination games. We also are the only field in New England to currently have a professional NXL Paintball field layout, complete with a 100% turf covered field (no bald spots or rock patches). Having many fields is important to keep your day from being repetitive. As a private group you can play on all the fields, or just stick to a few favorites. That is the major benefit to having a private party and many field options.

Paintball Party

5) Do you have drinkable running water? This is a question that is necessary for a lot of reasons. Without drinkable, running water it is nearly impossible to safely clean all rental equipment. Do you want a mask that has been loaned out many times and only cleaned with a squirt bottle filled with mystery blue “cleaner”? Running water means a clean facility and clean equipment. All our rental equipment is cleaned as soon as it is returned, with a 3 stage cleaning sink. Our equipment is cleaned to meet food safety standards, not sprayed with swampy water and put on a shelf. Clean water means you can focus on having the best day possible and not have to worry about what you are touching!
6) What rental equipment do you have? Our rental fleet is one of the largest in New England. We stock 200 rental setups for our players. Each setup includes a mask, rental marker, hopper, compressed air tank, and a pod pack for extra paint on the field. At smaller fields, the rentals may fall into a “first come, first serve” category. At AG Paintball, we make sure to have more than enough rentals so there is never an issue with limited equipment. We have 15 upgrade guns and 100 upgrade masks. If you want some added performance you can upgrade your package. We also offer low impact paintball rentals. This is a form of paintball with smaller paintballs designed for younger kids! Our guns are not plastic toys, they are metal, high quality, and high performance!
7) Do you have specialized staff? One of the biggest issues we have seen is with staff that simply has to do too much. A day of paintball has a few very different procedures like checking in, playing, making purchases and more. A field needs a person to handle each aspect so that you don't have to wait for a game to end before you can check in. At AG Paintball, we have our cashiers, who are in charge of checking you in, our retail staff, who can help you with anything you may want to purchase through the day, our referees, who help you on the field, and our managers, who oversee your overall experience. Downtime is non existent here as our staff is well versed in making your experience the best possible! Our managers alone have over 50 years of management experience, specifically with large paintball fields.
8) What are meal options while playing? Lunch time is often overlooked when booking paintball outings. After a few hours of running, jumping, yelling, and laughing, food is a must! Make sure that there are meal options at your potential field. A bag of stale doritos and some waters will hardly cut it. At AG, we have several options for any food needs you have. We offer a variety of snacks from candy bars, to cookies and chips and a stock of Pepsi products. On top of that, we offer hot dogs for purchase at lunchtime as well as a delivery service of food from a nearby restaurant. Once the food arrives you can eat under one of our covered picnic tables. We even have a number of gas grills that are available for you to use at no charge. In other words there are plenty of options to keep you and your group fed! 
9) How many tables does your picnic area? Picnic tables are a must, they provide seating, a place to meet between games, a place to eat, and more. Our picnic area has 50 tables, many of them are fully covered. It is conveniently located a few steps from the parking lot and the field entrance. More important than the convenient location, our picnic area has more than enough seating for all our players. This means that your group can sit together and enjoy a clean picnic area.
10) Why you should pick AG? There is no one reason to pick AG Paintball for your outing, there are many. We focus on making sure your overall experience is one you won't forget! Playing paintball is incredibly fun but we make sure the rest of your day is just as excellent! From clean equipment and excellent products, to clean bathrooms with safe water and everything in between. AG Paintball delivers more than paintball, we deliver a paintball experience!