Why Your Paintball Experience is About More Than Just Paintball

While you can certainly come out to AG Paintball for no other reason than to play paintball, we like to offer our players a better overall experience. When you go out for a day of paintball, there is much more to your overall experience that most don’t consider until it is too late. The experience of paintball involves checking in, getting on the field quickly, having a designated referee, clean amenities, and an overall day catered to your experience. Some fields cut costs on staff and amenities in an attempt to lower your cost, but a lower cost usually delivers a lesser experience for you.

When you show up to play paintball, there is a sign in period for each player. This is when you sign your waiver, purchase your paint, rent your equipment (if needed) and get set for your day. At AG Paintball, this happens inside our front office/pro shop. Our office staff is trained on our state of the art POS (Point Of Sales) system. You or your party are quickly moved through our check in process, to receive your clean rental equipment, take your paint and get on the field. We have heard of fields trying to lower costs with a small staff but this ultimately takes more time for you to get onto the field. At AG we like to keep the line moving to get you on the field and having fun!

Another often overlooked aspect of your experience is  the amount of fields you can play on. AG Paintball boasts 10 different fields throughout our 30 acres of playable land. With 10 fields, we ensure that your party never gets bored! This is another major weakness we have found in “smaller fields”. When players come to AG, our fields are different sizes, layouts, formats, and objectives. While paintball is an amazing experience, we have found that groups have the most fun when they can play different fields. Sadly, this is an offering that some fields just can’t compete on the amount of fields they have. Not only does more fields mean more fun, but it also means you NEVER have to wait for field time. If there are only two fields, and three playing groups, the down,time increase wasting your time and money. 

Not only are the amount of fields important, so is the size of a fields staff. We have found that a proper staff can really make or break your overall experience. We have staff dedicated to each aspect of your experience. Our office staff checks you in, we staff a ratio of roughly 10 players per referee, and managers that oversee your entire experience.. This gives you a personal experience with your referee for the day, a healthy pace of play and a better experience.

AG Paintball ref

When you aren’t playing, you should be relaxing and telling stories! Our amenities are second to none. Port-a-potties, or worse, have become the norm at most fields in order to cut costs. We decided to have fully functioning bathrooms with heat, Air Conditioning, running water, lights, and flushing toilets. Other amenities include food, not just snacks, an inventory of Pepsi products, a fully stocked pro-shop, FREE WI-FI, and more! If you have ever been to a paintball field, we would love for you to come check us out and see how we stack up! 

So what happens when you come to play paintball and instead get a paintball experience? It means your day is the best it can be in every aspect. The value of your dollar is much larger when you visit a well staffed and professional field. No matter how big or small your party is, we can give you a day to remember. You will never have to worry about how many other people arrive, or whether your party will get preference and proper field time. Paintball is much more than shooting someone with a paintball, it is an experience to have with good friends!