There is More To Paintball Than Woods and Camouflage!

For those unfamiliar with paintball there are 2 types of play within paintball, speedball and woodsball. When most people think of paintball they tend to think of people running through the woods, hiding, jumping and having fun! The other type of play popular in paintball is speedball, a highly organized team sport relying on communication, teamwork and tactics. At AG Paintball, we offer both speedball and woodsball. Speedball, being such a team sport bring in complete organizations, teams and events.

AG Paintball boasts a regulation NXL field that we rent out to teams that want to practice on the regulation layout. The pro series plays 5 events through the year, all on the same size field but each with a different bunker layout. The new WPBO bunker set arrived at AG in mid-April and teams have been practicing on it ever since. Our field is a regulation Empire field, not a knock off brand, that sits on our new turf field. We look to offer teams the best experience possible, not just the cheapest! 

On Saturdays, the speedball field is usually open to walk on play. Our walkons can play on the speedball field among any other field. If you want to play just speedball, we offer discounted entry rates for people looking to skip the woods and only hit the turf! 

For teams looking to play on the national layouts, our field team team is frequently available to scrimmage. New England Crusade is a D3 xball team with a d4 line as well, they recently finished on the podium at the first NEPL Event of the season and went 13-1 in the prelims. We often host any variety of New England teams looking to sharpen their skills. If that is what you're looking for, contact to book some practice time.

Photo Credit to Austin Coggeshall

Photo Credit to Austin Coggeshall

Not looking to share the field? We also offer private field rental time on certain weekends. Private field time does come with a fee, but that fee gets your team 100% private access to our field. Private field time costs $200 per 3 hour block. Available times are 9-12 and 1-4. In addition, your team must purchase 10 or more cases of paint for your field time. If your team wants some private time to run drills, practice breakouts or just run points, reach out to to check availability and book your time!