AG Paintball Spring Fling

Sunday April 3rd was the Annual "Spring Fling" paintball game here at AG Paintball. If you haven't yet experienced paintball, a Big Game is a great way to start. From your first moment at AG, you will be helped with any need you could have. A typical Big Game player here at AG ranges from experienced players to first timers, so it is a truly "All Inclusive" experience. 

The first step to get ready for the big game was to pre-register. The pre-registration process does a few things for our players. First, it eliminates a few steps when you arrive. When playing paintball, a waiver has to be filled out by each player. Our Online waivers streamline this process and got players on the field sooner! The other benefit of pre-registering was that you were automatically entered into our prize drawings. On all Big Game days we give away some awesome prizes like markers, gear, paint, passes and more!

After registration, a lot of players went up to browse our pro shop, the largest pro shop in New Hampshire! We had a full inventory to not only supply our players with any items they may want, but also anything they may need. If your equipment needed repair or replacing, our pro shop had what you needed. If you have not been to our field before, our amenities are second to none. Here at AG, we offer, in addition to our pro shop, a variety of snacks and drinks for your day, a fully functioning bathroom (not outhouse) with running water and actual toilets, a clean staging area, and more. We want you to have the best overall experience throughout the day.

Out on the field, our teams were playing on 30 acres of paintball fields! On those 30 acres, we have 10 different fields and we played on them all! Action spread from "castle anthrax" to "the bridge" and everywhere in between. Each game had different objective and teams working together and having fun! If you got shot, you could re-enter the game every 5 minutes. It was quite an experience!

Big Game Paintball Players

At lunch, our staff fired up the grills and provided a free lunch to all Big Game players! This Spring Fling, we had hot dogs and drinks for everyone. After lunch, we raffled of one of our new markers from the shop to one lucky winner.

Lunch wrapped up and it was back to paintball for 2 more games! Each game lasted about 2 hours, but you could enter and leave the game as often as you like. Our staff was all over the field to keep you safe and answer any questions players had. You could easily find them in their neon green shirts and camp pants. If you have never been to AG, Remember that they are here for you! If you need assistance, regardless of where you are, just get the attention of our staff and they will happily assist you when you are here.


As the day wound down, rentals started to get returned and players began to pack up. Rental equipment was returned and our staff began the process of cleaning all the gear. We cleaned every piece of equipment, making sure all the gear went back on the shelf as clean as it left. Some players decided to hang out and watch the action while others browsed the shop. Before players left, we remind them to "Like" us on facebook. Our staff takes tons of pictures each day and we upload them for free so you can remember your day! For more events and news updates from AG, subscribe to our blog. See you next weekend!