What to Expect for your First Paintball Experience

Paintball is an adrenaline filled, action packed, fun game played by people of all ages. One trend that many people don’t realize is how many players are new to the sport or playing for their first time. At AG Paintball, we usually see more rental players than we get return players. Most new players that come to AG don't really seem to understand what their overall experience will look like. While that allows us to really make your day memorable, we feel that first time players should have at least a general idea of how paintball works from a new player perspective.

Your day of paintball, like any outdoor activity, requires you to dress for the weather that day. We advise a few “generalities” such as wear layers, bring good footwear, pack a change of clothes, and wear long sleeves and pants. Outside from that, the “dress code” is entirely up to you! Have fun and be creative but most importantly, dress for the weather. Paintball is fun in the rain or shine, bad weather can make a good story even more memorable! Dressing properly will really make sure you have the best day possible. Once you are dressed for the weather, you can wear whatever you want. Pants and long sleeve shirts are recommended during game play just to add a small layer of padding, but that doesn't mean we don't see people in tank tops and shorts having a great time!

The next question every new player asks is “does is hurt?” The answer there is dependant on the player but the truth is you will certainly feel a paintball hitting you. We compare it to the snap of a rubber band on your skin. You certainly feel it, it may even sting a bit, but you will survive! A lot of new players recount stories of their uncles, cousins, neighbor brandishing a good looking bruise from a day of paintball. While you may get a bruise from paintball, most players end up wearing them proudly and telling a great story whenever they are asked about the bruise. Lastly, in paintball, your adrenaline is always pumping and this often leads to the feeling of a paintball hit being even less. Paintball is a great time but being shot with one does sting, however, it doesn’t hurt enough to not play.

Pricing is always the next question from new players. Luckily for you, pricing is very simple here at AG Paintball. We have 4 pricing packages that simplify your questions. Basic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages eliminate confusing pricing and give you a simple answer. The vast majority of our new players are completely satisfied with either the bronze or silver package. You can always purchase more paintballs but on average, you should expect to spend $45 to $58 dollars for a paintball experience.

So that covers the 3 basic logistical questions, but what about your experience? The experience is what we aim to deliver on at AG Paintball. When you arrive, you are greeted by our cashiers, they aim to take care of any questions or needs you have, and they have heard all the questions so don’t hesitate in asking! Once you check in with our cashiers, you are given all of your paint and rental equipment and then you head outside. There you will meet our referee staff and they will give you the basic rundown on how games work. Each game heads out to one of our 11 fields! Each field gives a different layout, experience, and chance to have fun. Players are divided into two teams with equal talent and quantity. Each team has a starting point on the field and once the whistle blows, its game on! You are in the game until time expires or you get hit so work with your team and friends to outsmart the opponent!

During the day you may find yourself hungry or thirsty. Many groups bring their own snacks or food but we also offer a full line of Pepsi product, snacks, candy and other food. In addition, we also offer lunch delivery if you want to order a meal. “You order it, we get, you eat it, that's how lunch works” is the motto around lunch time here. If you need something not food related during the day, fear not. We also offer a fully stocked store with items like gloves, shoes, belts and other miscellaneous items you may have forgotten or realized you wanted. Stop inside and our helpful staff will take care of you.

Overall, paintball is meant to be an overall experience, it really is about more than just paintball. That's why we offer 11 fields to our players, to give you the most variety and maximize your fun. It is why we have food, refreshments and supplies to keep you having fun. And it is why our staff is dedicated to making the most of your day. If you have never tried paintball, it is a great experience for anyone. Friends, family, groups, parties and more all come together to play paintball and have a blast. It's time to stop reading about paintball and find out what it's really like. See you on the field!