Rental Etha's are A Step Above!

One thing we consistently ask ourselves at AG Paintball is “how can we make the paintball experience better?” So we looked at the average day of a player here, what their variables are and what we can have an effect on. One of our largest user segments is our rental players. Each weekend we have hundreds of rental players come to experience what paintball is all about. We know that if we don’t deliver the best experience possible for them, that they may not come back to enjoy the sport again.

With this in mind we looked at what we could offer to make their day even better. We have 11 fields for people to play on. This gives them the best chance to find a format they enjoy the most, not just one that they are limited to. We offer full service amenities, including a fully stocked pro shop, flushing toilets, food, drinks, and more. Whatever need may arise through your day, we have the inventory to accommodate. We shoot GI Sportz paintballs, the best paint in the industry. This gives our rentals paint that flies straight and breaks when it should.

After looking at the entire set of needs through a day of play, we realized that the gear for rentals could use some work. We offer dye rental masks and JT Raider markers to all our rental players. But sometimes, out players want an upgrade. The answer was simple, thermal lenses in the dye masks and Planet Eclipse Etha’s as rental guns! We automatically upgrade any paintball rental package (bronze, silver, gold) to include a thermal mask at no additional charge. The Etha platform has worked amazingly and our players love them! If you are a player, the Etha provides superior performance. For more information about the Etha, check out Planet Eclipse’s site

As a rental player, our Etha comes with an HPA tank, a primo hopper, and a shaft 4 barrel. The HPA tank allows consistent airflow to the gun, resulting in a more consistent shot. The Primo hopper is the most advanced non-electronic hopper on the market. Its design allows it to reliably feed the Etha while staying simple enough to clean and maintain. The shaft 4 barrel is more accurate than a standard rental barrel. It is longer, quieter, lighter, more accurate. The feedback we have received from Etha renters has been overwhelming. So many people loved them that we recently purchased 10 more rental Etha’s!

If you are an experienced paintball player, you know how much your equipment can influence your day of play. Crappy rental gear, abused equipment, or low grade markers and masks can truly destroy your day of paintball. Sadly, most new players don’t have the insight to truly understand how large a factor rental gear can have. We offer our rental upgrades to anyone, so whether you are an experienced player who needs a better performing gun or a new player who wants to have a slight edge over your friends, the rental Ethas are a great fit! We are thankful that Planet Eclipse has delivered a marker that can meet the needs of our players and our shop.Come by and take one out for the day to see just how big a difference the right gear can make.