The All In One Paintball Bachelor Party!

Most men have been there or have at least heard the stories of bachelor parties that were a major hassle to throw. They require so much planning, foresight, budgeting, scheduling, and more that the person planning the party is usually glad to have it be over. Not to say a bachelor party isn’t usually a great time, what could be better than making great memories with your best friends? But what if it could be so much easier, how much happier would that make everyone!

After some browsing on the web we saw a multitude of unoriginal lists for bachelor parties, and even more for ideas that avoid the “standard” in bachelor parties. You all know the idea that comes to mind, late nights, strip clubs, limo, expensive tab, the works. It has become so common that the “typical bachelor party” is almost lame. This is where paintball comes into play!

A bachelor party doesn't have to be a late night, top secret gathering. It can be an all day, wholesome, fun, amazing experience! Here at AG Paintball, we see more bachelor parties than we can count, almost 1 every weekend. So what are they getting out of a paintball party that keeps them coming so often? FUN! Bachelor parties are meant to be an amazing experience to make more memories and have fun and that is exactly what paintball is. However, a paintball bachelor party can be so much more than that, it can be as much or as little as your party wants.

Starting with pricing, bachelor parties most often include 10 or more players. This, at AG Paintball, means you get your own party, your own referee, private field use and more! All of this comes at no extra cost to you or your group, you just need to have a group of 10 players. Within your group we let you pick teams as well. Some popular games have been “bridal party (ie groom, best man, groomsmen) v. the rest of the party” and other fun variants that make sure everyone has a blast! 

On top of an awesome day of paintball, we offer more amenities to make sure you have the best day possible! One offering is free use of our grills. We have propane grills that are free for any guest to use and our bachelor parties have made excellent use of these over the years! Bring your own food and have a cookout during or after your day of play. If cooking isn’t your style, let us bring food to you. We partner with local restaurants and deliver food orders to our players. Still looking for more? Our field location is 20 minutes from Concord and Manchester NH. A short drive will land you in cities with nightlife, bars and entertainment to continue your party as long as you want.

Whether you want to simplify your planning, have a memorable experience, or just looking for a unique idea for your party, a paintball party at AG Paintball can deliver! Contact us today to book your bachelor party.