Look Beyond the Website for your Paintball Booking

What does it take to have a professional looking website today? Not much is the answer. Nearly anyone can download a website template, fill in some generic paintball content and they are off to the races. In paintball, most fields are a little off the beaten path, not exactly a store-front on main street that you can browse check out before becoming a patron. Usually paintball is a “book and see” adventure. You find a website online, check some prices, pick a location and hope for the best! This article is all about what to look for on a paintball website to ensure that you aren’t being sold a less than stellar experience because once you have booked, you can’t really change your mind.

The big issue is that booking a day of paintball is not like checking out a local restaurant. You really have to take it at the word of the website, and sadly, some website are designed to sell, not to inform. Take this website for example, http://knowitallpaintball.com/. It looks professional, has pictures of the staff and some nice segments. The interesting story is this field is closed down. With the ease of a modern website being leveraged by everyone today, here are some things to look for to really see if you are just being sold by the website.

Content: Is there fresh content on a website? The easiest giveaway to determine whether a field is as good as their website is if there is updated content. This means more than just loading pictures into an album, it means do they have a blog, do they have a booking system, is there more than just “we are the best” fluff content? All of these are easy giveaways. If a field does none of this, then odds are that their field will not deliver like their website promises.

Reviews: Reviews are a tricky segment in paintball, mainly because many fields have their staff leave reviews, as if this will help you, Don't just browse the reviews, check them. If all the reviews are left by people who sound like they play every weekend, they may not be valuable to you. Look for reviews written by real people with real accounts.

online booking

Booking: A dead giveaway for a professional field is whether or not you can book online. If you can not book a party online then it’s safe to assume the field has not invested in this for a reason. While the field may be good enough for some, any great field will have online booking capabilities.

Social Media: Our last piece of advice is to check fields social media pages and see if the overall message is consistent. If a field blasts their social media but no web content, why is there the difference? A professional business will have a consistent message across platforms. Their website will be updated and professional and their social media pages will be consistent an well maintained. 

While we don’t want you to write off anyone, we do want you to have the best possible paintball experience possible. Our fear is that companies who care about their marketing and can invest in their online presence are more likely going to be able to deliver you a better experience. If you have any questions at all, call the field and ask some questions. If you feel you are just being sold, it may be better to look elsewhere. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us and ask any questions you could have!