Low Impact V. Regular Paintball: What's the difference?

Low Impact paintball is a form of paintball designed for younger players. It uses smaller paintballs and lower force with the same fun, action and safety, despite paintball being seen as a kids sport. Due to insurance regulations many insured paintball fields require regular paintball players to be at least 12 years old. In an effort to bring younger players into the sport we have started offering Low Impact Paintball. This is the same paintball experienced played by older players but with safety in mind for younger players. The guns are near identical but the paintballs are smaller and hit with 68% less force than a full size paintball.

When the idea of paintball designed for younger players first came out, the “Splatmaster” line was the first to market. This line is a plastic, limited paint, spring powered marker that, in all honesty, left a lot to desired. Some fields still uses this line but they have a lot of issues. At AG, we switched to a true “low impact” paintball. To start, our low impact markers are not toy guns, they are paintball markers and run off compressed air, not a spring, just like a full marker. Another difference between splatmaster and low impact is the paint you can carry. Splatmaster limits you to roughly 10 shots at a time. Low Impact paintball uses a hopper than can be filled with 200+ paintballs. This means less downtime and more fun! The biggest difference between the two types of paintball we offer is the size of the paintball. Regular paintball uses a .68 caliber paintball whereas low impact uses a .50 caliber paintball. The .50 caliber paintball is smaller, flies slower, and hits with 68% less force. That is why it is ideal for younger players.

So who plays low impact paintball? Anyone over the age of 9 can play low impact paintball! Low impact paintball is the ideal solution for birthday parties, team gatherings, camps and more. It allows younger players to have all the fun of paintball but they can play with kids their age. One major hurdle we see for younger players looking to play is the age differences. Many younger players are intimidated by older players and that can ruin their overall paintball experience. With low Impact paintball, we don’t see that same hurdle. Younger players love playing with a large group of similar aged players. And when there is an older player (parent, camp counselor, etc) the kids have shown no fear!

All in all low impact is the perfect outdoor activity for any group of active kids. It is a much better option than the splatmaster groups in our experience and has really made the experience much better for all the players we have seen! We also offer basic, bronze, silver, and gold price categories for low impact. This makes your booking simpler than ever. Add all this to our modern online booking system and you can have a low impact paintball outing easier than ever, and the kids will have a blast! If you have any more questions, please give us a call! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.