5 Myths of Paintball

Paintball has an interesting set of stereotypes that surround it. From the outside, people assume you need to be athletic, a certain age, have certain gear and more just to be able to play. In reality, the exact opposite is true. Anyone can play paintball and have a good time! So with that in mind, here are 5 stereotypes of paintball.

1) Age Matters- One of the most common questions we get is from parents who want to ensure their kids won't play with older players and therefore be “safer”. In reality, age is a non factor in paintball. Some of the best players we see are younger players. They are smaller, fast, agile and excited! The other major equalizer is that paintball is not a contact sport. Since players never come in contact with one another, the age and size of players isn’t a factor. All the guns shoot at the same speed so every player is on the same level.

2) Camo makes you better- we see it all the time, two or three guys decked out head to toe (sometimes including facepaint) in camo gear. For some reason this seems to spook new players and we understand why. In reality, camo is usually heavier and can actually slow people down. Once you are out on the field, what you are wearing really becomes irrelevant. Camo looks cool but it doesn’t make a player better.

3) You need to be athletic- Paintball is a sport where you can sprint upfield, dive, squat, and get a great workout. It is also a sport where you can play in the back, communicate and manage team positions. Some of the best professional players are big guys and gals so size and athleticism does not mean you can't play paintball.

4) Fancy gear means better player- This is a really common theme we see in new players. When they line up for teams or to start a game, they look for the flashiest equipment and assume that the player holding it is good. Aside from it not being true, it tends to build a fear for rental players that they are handicapped now. On the contrary, some of the best players in paintball are the most unassuming looking players you could picture. They wear old equipment and shoot old guns, all because they know that the gear doesn’t change your talent. A bad player that spends $2,000 on gear is no better than a walk-on player with enthusiasm and excitement.

5) It's scary- Whenever someone outside of paintball hears about paintball, they assume that it will hurt or be scary. There really is no way to disprove this myth aside from going out and playing. While paintballs can hurt when you get hit, what you will find is a action packed day filled with great stories and awesome people. At AG Paintball we will group players by talent level so you don’t have to worry about playing with players outside your talent level. Paintball is fun, there is no other way to describe it and until you get out here you won’t truly believe it.

If you have never played paintball then it’s time to give it a try. The stereotypes that exist about paintball are just myths. Paintball is fun, it’s not scary, anyone can play, the gear is less important than you think, and it is truly a memorable experience! We would love to help you get over the fear and uncertainty and see what paintball is all about. We promise you won’t regret it!