Planet Eclipse CSR Review

Well last weekend we got the CSR in the shop and it went out the door that same weekend! These guns are only going out in small batches and are moving quick. But what makes this gun so unique compared to the CS1 or other high ends? The answer is the overall package. The CSR is milled to be as light as possible and it delivers! The entire CSR has been refreshed from the CS1 line, so lets get right into it!

The first thing you notice is the packaging! The CSR comes in a carbon fiber case that is light, durable and visually stunning. It really shows that Planet Eclipse has not cut any corners with this marker. 

Planet Eclipse Shaft FL Barrel

Once you open the package you can see the beauty of the CSR. Planet Eclipse milled these bodies down to be incredibly light! When we weighed the CSR, it came in at 1 lb 15.3 oz. When you compare that to the CS1 weight of 2 lbs 3.1 oz, there is a noticeable weight difference.


Aside from being lighter, the CSR is just milled beautifully. It has clean lines, nice accents, and cut through eye covers. Things like the eye covers make you really appreciate the detail that went into these markers.

Planet Eclipse CS1 Weight

The internals of the gun are the same so theres no real beef to this review there. However, the barrel is a large shift from the older PE style barrels. Planet has had 2 piece barrels for years now, with different bore backs to properly fit your paint. However, this new 2 piece FL barrel kit has inserts and a carbon fiber tip. Planet collaborated with deadly winds to make this barrel, aiming to make it as light as possible. And they succeeded! The new barrel with 1 insert weighs 3.7 oz! Thats crazy light, a full ounce less than the stock barrel that weighed in at 4.7oz.


Other small updates included a blade trigger, a re-milled pops asa, rubber settings on the barrel backs, and an overall limited gun package. With only 1,000 of these made, they won’t be in stores for long so be sure to contact your dealer today!

Planet Eclipse CSR Weight