The 2017 Season is Here With New Products!

With the new season of paintball comes a whole new fleet of products for every player. Our season didn’t officially kick off until Mid March but the paintball industry never sleeps. Most players usually stop playing after November. World Cup is over, the weather cools and in areas like New England, snow covers the fields. While this pulls players off the fields, it allows those in the industry to regroup, plan their next years and wrap up product development for their new products. At World Cup we often see a lot of new items, we also have PB Extravaganza and CORE, two major industry tradeshows where new products are released. Here are a few of the most notable from this off season.

The Rotor is one of the most reliable, durable, proven hopper platforms in paintball. They have been proven time and time again and have stood the test of time. The rotor has historically been a top end loader with a top end price, over $150. However, with the introduction of the R-2 loader from dye and more competition in the market, Dye flipped the script and released the rotor LTR. This is a less expensive version of the older, well proven rotor platform. They took everything that works well in the rotor platform and repackaged it and re-priced it. Functionally it is near identical to the old rotor platform that has worked for years. At the current price point however, this is an amazing hopper for newer players who aren't looking to spend hundreds on a loader but who still want that high end performance.


Another new loader to the market this year is the GI Sportz Level Loader. The level loader is the flagship loader from GI this year and will be used exclusively by GI teams. Its design is simple and efficient with a redesigned engine system designed to reduce jams. Our field team New England Crusade will have these on their markers all season long. Add to the new design a low price point that includes a speedfeed and rain lid and the level is a loader that you will begin to see all over fields!

Another new item this season from GI is the strapless GI Race Pack. The big shift here is that the straps that used to hold each individual pod in the pack are no longer used. GI did away with the straps in favor of a lighter, simpler, minimalist design. These new packs are very lite! Come by the shop and check them out yourself.

The last non marker item to really hit the scene is the new Freak XL barrel insert kit from GOG. Most players are familiar with the classic freak kit. This barrel is a staple for almost any player from the past decade, and the new one will look very familiar. The large change is inside the barrel. The new inserts will be 8 inches long, the added length should add velocity and consistency when compared with the classic freak kit.

The 2 new guns this year are the Axe 2.0 from Empire Paintball  and the Etha 2 from Planet Eclipse. Both of these guns are an update to prior models. The new axe features new milling, and much improved ergonomics as well as a 10% weight reduction. Add a two piece barrel coming stock and this gun will be great for beginners and regulars alike. The etha 2.0 revamped the classic etha. The major change here is in the etha’s core, the new etha 2 will come with the gamma core. The gamma core has been a release of its this year and has truly raised the bar for entry to mid level markers. The same core is used in the etha 2, the gtek and the gtek 160r! With this kind of firepower, this price range really has a lot to offer players.

As more gear releases through the season we will keep you updated with all the new releases. AG Paintball will have these items in stock so come by to check them out. We are excited by the selection we have to offer the mid level players. All of these new items will be a great step up for players of all skill levels.