How does paintball pricing work?

Paintball is a sport that is often enjoyed by first time players and often that leads to a bit of confusion. In particular, the way that pricing in paintball works often leads to confusion for new players. Hopefully this blog will simplify the process and answer a few questions for anyone looking to come try paintball.

The first step is to decide whether you are going as a “walk-on” or as a private group. At AG Paintball, private groups must have 10 or more players. Private groups get a few benefits like having their own private game, their own ref and more. At AG there is no additional charge to have a private group, you just need 10 players and a reservation.

If you aren’t a private group then you are considered a “walk-on”. Walk-on players is anyone who shows up. Sometimes we may have 5 different walk-on groups split up by skill level, other times it may just be 1 group. To play as a walk on all you need to do is show up and we will handle the rest. You can still make reservations to be a walk-on player, this will reserve any rental equipment that you might need just in case we sell out.

Now that you know whether you will be a “walk-on” or a private group, the next deciding point is whether or not you will be renting equipment. If you have your own equipment then you will simply pay an entrance fee and you are all set. Some fields may charge you to fill your air and others don’t, so you will want to check with your field. Almost all fields charge for a CO2 fill so if you use CO2 you can expect to pay a few times to fill that tank.

If you need to rent equipment then you will want to check out the rental packages. Most fields have different packages to help you through this process. The cheapest package will usually come with basic equipment and few if any paintballs. The most expensive package will have upgraded equipment and more paintballs. Most of our customers find these packages to be helpful and simplify the process. You can check out our packages online to see what fits your budget. Most of our players find the silver package to be the perfect fit for a full day of play.

Once you have all your gear needs, if you need additional paint that is your last purchase. The average player at AG usually goes through 1,000 paintballs a day. Paint is sold by the amount of paintballs you want. At AG Paintball you can buy paintballs in a number of different ways including100 paintballs, 500 paintballs, 1,000 paintballs, 2,000 paintballs and even 10,000 at a time.

So to recap there are 3 main questions that will affect your payment method.

  • Are you a private group or a walk on

  • Do you have equipment or do you need to rent

  • How many paintballs will you shoot

Answering those 3 questions will help you navigate through your first paintball experience. The reservation and booking aspect of paintball is always the least fun so the simpler you can make it, the better! If you have any questions about paintball or paying for paintball, feel free to ask away! You can always reach us on Facebook, via email or with a quick call.