AG Paintball Field View: Castle Anthrax


This week’s field view takes a closer look at Castle Anthrax here at AG Paintball. One of our largest fields here at AG, Castle Anthrax has been a staple through the years. With its multiple entrances, ever changing landscape, and iconic entrance, Castle Anthrax has been played by just about every player to come to AG. If you haven’t checked it out, red on for 360 degree pics and more!

The walk to Castle Anthrax really builds up the excitement. As one of our largest fields, it’s also the longest walk but we promise, it’s worth it. After you walk through the black netting you immediately walk through 1 of 2 fields where action is happening. As you pass the active games, the woods become quite for a short time until Castle Anthrax emerges! A massive 2 story structure with 7 rooms, several flights of stairs, and multiple entrances is positioned at the back of the AG property. The first thing you see is the massive wall at the front, built to resemble a true castle. The front wall is solid and only interrupted by a few windows and one massive door!

The game starts with one team inside the castle, centered around 1 focal point, and the attacking team stationed at the end of the field. Once the whistle goes, the entire field is in play from the hilltop on the ridge to the small stream below. There are countless bunkers, trenches and walls for the attacking team to hide behind as they advance. As you move to Castle Anthrax, strategy comes into play. Do you swing low and draw fire or do you take the ridge and fire down into the Castle? The choice is yours!

The defending team has their own choices to make. Do you stay inside the walls and try to survive the time limit or do you take the fight to them and rush outside to gain pivotal ground? There is no right or wrong way to play this field and that's the beauty of it. Every game plays out differently than the last!

Once inside, that doesn’t mean the game is won. The attacking team must enter the Castle, take the flag and leave, all without being shot. Inside the castle is its own micro map with rooms, buildings, corners, and windows to shoot through at every turn. Not only do you need to watch for any ground movement, but the windows and second story structures can house more hiding opponents! Entering Castle Anthrax is a true adrenaline rush and always leaves teams telling some great stories! Be sure to check out Castle Anthrax on your next visit and let us know what your favorite part of the Castle is!