AG Paintball Field View: Urban Village

This new series will talk you through some of the fields we have to play on here at AG Paintball. Each write up will detail the most popular fields here, and this week, we will talk about our iconic “Urban Village”. The “Urban Village” is a roughly 160x200 foot field that has changed a lot over the years. The newest version features buildings, varied terrain, close quarters combat and even a full size school bus!

A crowd favorite, the “Urban Village” is one of AG’s longest running paintball fields. It was one of the original fields here, right next to our original speedball field. Over its tenure, “Urban Village” has been reshaped, resized, rearranged, but has always maintained the close quarters feel. As it sits near the staging area, it is one of the more popular fields to both play and watch! Players start within clear sight of one another and advance upfield through buildings and other obstacles.


The “Urban Village” was designed to simulate urban fighting. It has  over 10 building on the field. Each building has 1 main entrance but several windows that players can shoot and be shot through. It requires you to keep your head on a swivel at all times! These buildings are spread across the field, each giving the player a new angle and strategy to employ. 

On one side of the field, there is a snake structure. This is a low and long obstacle that, if you can get to it, allows players to move far up the field and surprise opponents! The “Urban Village” snake can give a team an advantage, but not without its risks. There are plenty of ways to stop your opponents from advancing. 

This years newest field addition at AG Paintball is our bus! Yes a bus! What urban setting is complete without some vehicles? The bus is a repurposed school bus that sits at the midfield line. This vehicle has proven to be a huge hit with our regulars! Players can  advance to the bus quickly and its lack of glass windows allows a near infinite amount of playable options. Inside the bus is its own battleground. Playable structures within the bus means that no team has unquestionable control. If your opponents gain control of this vital structure, you can still approach it and take it back with teamwork!

With its smaller overall size, plethora of playable structures and exciting terrain, the “Urban Village” has been a long running hit. If you played here last season, the village is completely different so come play it and let us know what you think. If you have never played paintball, the “Urban Village” is a fast paced, exciting field that will leave you and your friends with stories to tell everyone! We will see you on the field!