Getting Into Tournament Paintball: A how to

This is one of the of the most common questions that we hear at the fields. Our field team gets asked a lot, our refs get asked a lot, and in general it seems to be a question that no one knows the answer to. Well, it is simpler than you might think. There are a few different routes that most players take to get onto tournament level teams. Both of them require a lot of time, energy and commitment. The most common routes that we have seen are to either start your own team with friends or to tryout for an established team.

paintball teams

If you want to start your own team, we can tell you right off the bat, it won't be as easy as you think. Most new teams consist of 3-6 friends that like paintball and want to jump all-in with a tournament series. The largest point of failure we see is these teams get in over their heads. They over-commit and end up failing. If you are going to start your own team the best piece of advice is start slow and make sure that all the players grow at the same pace. Local series usually offer single event sign ups, meaning you don’t have to sign up for an entire season. Locally, we have partnered with Boston Paintball and offer a 3 man, entry level tournament. The entry cost is low, the prizes are fun and we have local high division teams ref and mentor teams throughout the entire day! Events like this are ideal to get a taste of tournament paintball.

The other way that players get onto a tournament team is to try out for an established team. The main hurdle with this method is that you have to prove to an existing team that they should bring you on. The easiest way to get picked up by a team is to be present. Most teams worth joining are going to practice often, travel to tournaments and generally invest a lot into their season. When teams look for new players it is usually to fill a spot on an existing line, which means they would need you to drop into their current schedule as easily as possible. If a team knows that you are reliably at practice and can afford to play frequently, it makes it that much easier. Don’t expect teams to pick you up just because you are at the field constantly, you have to be there and prove that you deserve a shot. 

Either method will help get you into competitive paintball, the path you choose is up to you. Our field teams have started out as a group of friends playing and evolved to pick up local players that spent a lot of time at the field. There is no wrong way to get into competitive paintball and it can be an amazing experience if that's your goal. Finding a team to join or starting your own can get you as far as you want, there are pro teams made through either method. If you have any more questions, ask away! We are always happy to help people play paintball! See you on the field.