How to convince your friends to play paintball

With the summer heat fading and the cooler, dryer air making its return, this is the time of year that we see the most new players come out and try paintball. Sometimes they come in a party, or with a friend. But the overwhelming majority that we see come with someone who has played paintball before. As players ourselves we understand that some people just don’t like paintball much like some don’t enjoy baseball or soccer. There always seems to be a hurdle when inviting friends out to play and it's usually not cost. If you have run into one of these excuses that we usually do, here is the perfect response to finally get your friends out on the field with you!

It Hurts: No it doesn’t. Ok it may sting but that's about it. Whenever paintball comes up, someone knows a guy that played oned and that guys friend was covered in welts. Yes, that happens, but it is the wild minority. Usually those welt laden players come out of a game where someone is trying to prove they are the Alpha. In reality, paintball is not painful.

I don’t want to g play with the “Pros”: The pros are not at your local field and if they are, they are not likely going to be playing you, they are pros! On top of that, if somehow the stars align and you do play with some pro, you likely won't even notice. Professional paintball players, and even just the very experienced ones are usually split up into games by skill level. At AG Paintball we have as many separate groups of walk ons as is needed to make sure everyone has fun.

paintball friends

Its confusing, how does it work?: 2 teams play each other and try to get everyone else out. Anything outside of that is a variant of the main point. Capture the flag, attack and defend, and any other play style all boils down to that theme. It's like chess with real people in many ways. Your team must beat the other team. If a paintball breaks on you, you are out. Not so complicated anymore is it?

I’ll get dirty: This one may be true but what fun sport doesn't get you dirty? The larger fear is that paint will stain. This is a myth from the days when paint was oil based. It’s just not true anymore. Any decent paint that a field lets you shoot should be water based and will wash right out!

Its for kids: Not true in the slightest! The median client at AG is between 18 and 40 with many more players outside that average on either end. Some of our most regular players are 60+ years old. Paintball is a great sport in that it evens the playing ability. There is no ball to kick, throw or hit that is directly related to your skill or age. Everyone has the same marker and can shoot the same distance. 

Its violent! Or Its just war games!: Paintball has always been more about strategy than the actual shooting involved in the game. Yes you shoot paint filled gel balls at each other but you can only do that by getting in the best position. Paintball is more like chess, you move your pieces around the field ands sometimes trade pieces for a better position. When you look at paintball like this, the military aspect goes away. Not to mention you should see some of the outfits worn out there! We see everything from tutus and bridesmaids dresses to spongebob outfits and bright flashy colors. It's hard to call it a war game when the other players are dressed like rave dancers not LARP players.

It's expensive: We saved this for last because it is the largest misconception out there. At AG Paintball, we start our rental packages at just $45, and that includes paint! Imagine how many day trips or events you have gone to and spent far more. A few drinks with friends, dinner and a movie, a night on the town would, any sports game, all cost you more than a day of paintball. But, I guarantee you wont tell stories about the last game you saw like you will about paintball!

In the end, the only way to break these stereotypes is to bring your friends out for a day of paintball and show them how much fun it is. Most people have an image in their minds of a paintball that doesn't exist and we want to show that to people! Paintball is fun, safe, and reasonably priced.