Is Paintball Expensive at All?

One of the most common things we hear from non paintball players is how expensive paintball is. We hear it so often that you would believe it as fact if you didn’t know any better. Well, we are here to help you “know better” with this price breakdown of some other popular activities. We looked at some other comparable activities that we feel are similar in either age range, commitment level, time requirement and so on. To keep it as even as possible, we assumed an average person's needs and budgets. That means that the person we used in our budgets was not a regular visitor, an expert, or anything other than an average joe. Our personal “general rule” is that any activity will run you around $60 and we found that to be pretty true. With all that said, here are some average price breakdowns of some popular activities.

Paintball at AG

Rental Marker: included

Paint (1,000 balls):  included

Entrance: included

All Day Air: included

Thermal Mask: included

Total Cost  $58



A Baseball Game:

Parking: $35

Tickets: $60

Diner: $18

Ballpark Frank: $6

Baseball game Total $121

Dinner and a Movie for One:

Movie Ticket $12

Snacks $15

Dinner $22

Dinner and a Movie Total:  $49

County Fair:

Entrance         $12

Fried Dough $8

Fries $5

Candy Apple $6

Lemonade $6

Rides $20

Events $20

Total for the County Fair $77

Round of Golf:

Green Fee $49

Lunch ` $12

Rentals -not available

Total for a gold round $61


Lift Ticket $75

Food $20

Rentals $47

Total for a day of skiing $142

Mini Golf:

Round fee: $10

Food: $12

Go-Kart: $7

Ice Cream" $5

Mini Golf total $34

Aquarium Visit:

Entrance $26

Parking $30

Food $12

Total Aquarium Cost $58

And now for the major tell, how much does paintball cost. Well first lets look at the numbers. We listed seven activities that a person could spend the day doing. All of our prices again were based on the average experience. Sure you can spend $300 on a baseball seat alone but that's not the point here. The average of all these “experiences” was a cost of almost $78. The average player at AG gets a Silver package for the day. This package costs $58 and includes everything listed at the top of this blog (Rental gun and mask, free air, entrance, 1,000 paintballs). Of course, like with any of these activities, it is possible to spend more or less depending on your wants. So in the end, paintball is actually cheaper than your average activity or event. The misconception that is is expensive is only true of you have a very tight budget, otherwise, is cheaper than most things you may already be doing on your weekends.