Summer Slam Big Game | Paintball 2016

It’s that time of the year again, the AG Paintball Summer Slam Big Game is here! This Sunday. August 7th, hundreds of players from New England will be playing the biggest game of the year. Our big games are played across ALL of our fields, not just one at a time. The entire woods property, 10 separate fields, are all played as 1 massive field. During the day we will play 3 separate games, each with a different objective, goals, rules and teams. If you have never been, read on to learn what to expect.

The first thing you should know about big games is that it is worth it to pre-register! You can pre-register up to the day before(CHECK) the event so be sure to do so. Pre-registering gets you a goodie bag when you check in. Each bag is filled with swag, freebies, and one lucky bag will have a gun giveaway in it! If you don't pre-register you, sadly, do not get a goodie bag. But, that doesn’t mean you will miss out! All players at our big games get great shop deals, discounts, free lunch, paint discounts and more.

paintball objectives

The day itself plays out with a TON of paintball! We play 3 separate games through the day. The first is an attack and defend game. The entire group of players is split in two teams and each is given a fort, one the castle, the other gets Octagon. The objective is to capture the other teams fort. If you get shot during play, head to the deadbox (explained before each match). Every 5 minutes, dead players are allowed back into the game! This keeps the pace up and means you are never sitting out.

The second game is our “WMD” game. Somewhere in the woods a “bomb” is hidden, your team's goal is to carry that bomb into the opposing fort. This game is always a blast as the team goals tend to change through the game. They change from search missions for the bomb, to attack missions, defend missions and back. There is always action going on that leads to huge swings in momentum. The same rules apply with respawning, simply wait until the dead box is cleared and you are back in the action!

Lunch at the Paintball Park

After the second game we break for lunch. Each player gets free lunch and drink with their entrance. Pre-registered players do get to go first in line, yet another reason to sign up! During lunch we run games on the speedball field to keep everyone playing. If you want to get in on the action just line up, or feel free to enjoy your lunch and watch, you’ll be back on the field soon enough!

The last game is our Zombie game! It all starts at Infected Empire, the Empire Paintball field. On that field there are a few zombies, the outbreak is contained for now. As they attack the defending humans, eliminated players are turned into zombies and join the attack! Can the humans hold off the zombies long enough or will the zombies overtake them? This game is an awesome experience and fun down to the last player! Register today while there's still time! We’ll see you on the field!