Why Paintball is the Perfect Corporate Outing

Corporate events always bring to mind the boring seminars, mediocre lunch spreads, and just a generally uneasy time spent with your co-workers so that the boss feels like your staff is bonding. We’ve all been to one of these retreats and they are all pretty similar. There are some talks, then a team building exercise, then food, lastly you all come together and are forced to tell stories about how much you learned and grew as a person. But what if there was a better option? One that didn’t force people to do those things but instead, naturally promoted it. Well that option is here and it's paintball!

Every year at AG Paintball we do a ton of corporate games and each one goes pretty similarly. Players arrive, nervous and anxious about the day, wondering what to expect. They are all mingling and connecting already, before they even head out onto the field. As soon as the games start, everyone bonds! Being part of a team and working together seems to come naturally as these corporate groups move through the fields. By the days end, everyone is already telling stories about their favorite part of the day. There are no speakers, no forced interaction, and no forced friendships. Everything is natural and the corporate groups ALWAYS love the experience and their time at AG Paintball.

But why is this experience right for your staff? There are countless reasons as to why this may be right for you but here is some of our most common feedback:

Corporate Groups love paintball, we always see smiling faces!

Corporate Groups love paintball, we always see smiling faces!

Team Building: The bonds made during paintball are natural. Nothing brings 2 people together like relying on one another to not get shot by a paintball. The feedback we get on this aspect alone is overwhelming. Your group will have your own private ref, private field use and can truly have the field to yourself!

Physically Active: Paintball is a sport that requires as little or as much energy as you want to put in. Active people can sprint through the woods while those looking for a more casual experience can play in the back and use strategy. It is a sport that truly includes everyone.

New Experiences: Everyone has been to a corporate retreat, a smaller percentage have been to a corporate paintball event. Give your staff something to look forward to, not dread.

Relatively Cheap: With our best value packages starting at just $45 per person (that includes everything that you need for hours of play) paintball can be a relatively cheap corporate event! No need to shell out big money on a meeting space, catering and more. 

Simple to Organize: Here at AG Paintball, we take care of the hassle for you. All you need to organize is how many people are coming. We will handle the paint, rentals, sign in process, and any other aspects of the day. Want to include a cookout? We have propane grills free to use for your own bbq, or we can arrange a caterer for you. We can take the hassle out of your lunch.

Unique Employee Benefit: It’s time to give back to your employees with an amazing experience. Research shows that a happy staff is the bests staff. So offer them this unique chance to grow and experience something new!

Low Impact Options: Not sure if your team is ready to jump into paintball? We also offer low impact paintball. It is all the fun of paintball but the guns shoot with a lower force. It can be a great medium for those that want to try something new but are worried about paintball.

This Is Family Friendly: Paintball is not an “either or” option. You don’t have to choose paintball or a cookout, or any other medium. Often times we have corporate groups that come with 20-30 people and some of them never play. If people want to simply be a part of the atmosphere and experience we have a picnic area, flush bathrooms, and wi-fi all to keep everyone in the party happy! Friends and family are more than welcome and with our free to use grills, this can truly be an all inclusive experience!

If you’re corporate group is ready to break the mold of the boring corporate outing, contact us in the form below! We offer group discounts and employee incentive packages to interested companies. We are happy to host New England companies who are looking for a professional paintball experience, our bathrooms are better than the state parks. Let us show you what a professional, beneficial experience a corporate day at AG Paintball can be! Fill out the form below with any questions you have. See you on the field!

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