Come play "Frequency"

We have been working on "Frequency" for a few months now and we LOVE IT! We took the classic village format and added a 30 foot radar dish to the field. Along with the dish, we focused on creating a field that allowed players lots of room to run and move around. Each side of the field is very different and a few key bunkers can really swing the game around. Will your team rush to hold the dish, or will you play the treeline and surround your opponent? Its up to you!


The Dish!

The Dish is a 30 foot radar dish where the flag is held! On flag objectives, the team who has their flag raised at the end of the game wins. Do you rush the flag, or play the clock?


The Mound

It may not look like much , but every bunker can be played countless ways. Each new angle opens up a new angle to shoot or be shot! Be sure to have your head on a swivel when moving behind cover.


Wide Open Spaces

We hate seeing players get trapped in the back with no where to go. Each bunker has plenty of room to run so your opponents can't guess where you will be! Do you take advantage of your speed or wait for those unsuspecting moves?