Can You Survive "Infected Empire"?

The Zombies have closed in on your last stronghold.  They have the numbers, but you have the fort!. There are lookout towers, tunnels, hallways, buildings and more! One our largest fields is certainly one of the most active. Defend the base, or attack from the inside, which way will your team attack? 


Survive the Outbreak

The zombie outbreak has started and this is the last stand! Survive and hold down the city as the zombies attack in waves. Infected Empire is one of the largest fields here at AG. Hiding will only ensure you survive for so long, its time to fight!



The City Defense

The Zombies are hard to kill but you have defenses set up. A network of alley-ways that connect your buildings. Move through the paintball nets to defend the city!



Hold your ground

The netting is the line in the sand. If the zombies cross that, the city falls. If you can hold them off, you have a chance! With a TON of ground to cover, each team needs to work their way through the field to eliminate the enemy!