For those unfamiliar with paintball there are 2 types of play within paintball, speedball and woodsball. When most people think of paintball they tend to think of people running through the woods, hiding, jumping and having fun! The other type of play popular in paintball is speedball, a highly organized team sport relying on communication, teamwork and tactics.

New for 2016, AG Paintball has an official NXL field! The new bunker upgrade kit arrived in early April and has been used by teams preparing for national events ever since. Not only is our field NXL official, but we also rent our field to teams for private field time, run weekly practices, and frequently run x-ball rotations.

Pricing for our field time varies based on your needs so if you want time on our NXL field, contact us to discuss pricing. Our field team, New England Crusade, is almost always available for practice point. For teams and practices we offer pricing that competes with any field in New England! Contact us today to get your team on the field!

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