A Special Thank You To All Our Customers!

Usually at AG we have a different event going on each month that caters to the wants of our players. If you play speedball, we have tournaments to compete in and top-tier teams to play with. If you play woodsball then we have scenarios and big games. But once a year (at least) we like to take a day and give back to our customers! Every year we run player appreciation days where we want to let our customers know we appreciate them all. These customer appreciation days consist of specials, prizes, free lunch, unique games and more. So what should you expect when you sign up?

Every Player Appreciation Game we run pre-registration. The main reason we pre-register players is so that we can determine what to put in each gift bag. If we have a good idea then we can get the best possible gifts in each bag. A few bags will have some more exciting prizes as well! Pre-registration also makes the sign in process simpler. We will also be running a raffle this year for those who do pre-register. If you don’t register, you are not entered so register today! If you are a customer you have no doubt met our fabulous “inside” staff. The crew will get you in and out as fast as possible. If you are renting, be sure to check out our new seasons rental pass, a new pass to save time and money if you are a frequent renter.

Once you register, the day is all about you, our customer. Each game will get played on a different field based on the size of the group and their wants. We will also have speedball open all day! The customer appreciation days usually bring in a great crowd so expect a fun day with tons of action! We will make sure you get to play on all the fields. On top of it all, paint will be cheaper than ever at just 45$ a case! You may also bring your own paint if you wish. As the day wears on and hunger sets in, don’t worry because lunch is on us! As a thank you, we will be providing lunch for all the players that day.

After lunch is back out to the fields for more action. As you play, dont forget to stop into the pro shop[ and check out our weekend deals. We will be running specials in the pro-shop that are this weekend only so stop on by and see if that new pack, mask, hopper, or gun you’ve been wanting is on sale! These games are a chance for us to thank you. We appreciate all of the players that call AG their homefield. If there is anything else we can do to make your day better, ask away! We hope to see you all out on the field