Will you survive "The Graveyard"?

The graveyard is not to be taken lightly. This field is filled with larger than life tombstones to use as cover as you and your team move up the field. Teams start at either side of the Graveyard and move up amidst cover of trees, tombstones and a variety of other bunkers. With a true rectangular build, each team has an even chance to make the right moves, but will they?

Graveyard (1).jpg


The Graveyard is littered with tombstones for players to hide behind. All the tombstones offer cover and some great ways to move up the field! Move through the tombstones to get the upper hand.


Plenty of Ground

There are plenty of bunkers, but the bunkers are smaller and built for 1 or 2 people. This opens up the game and forces teams to spread out and cover ground. All of this makes for exciting games!


A Variety of cover

Some bunkers are square and some are tall and skinny. The bunkers range in size throughout the field. Finding the right bunker for your play style is crucial!