Experience "Castle Anthrax!"

Castle Anthrax is one of the most popular fields we have at AG! It has almost 10 rooms, 2 stories, countless windows and a jail cell, and that's all just INSIDE the castle. The outside of the castle has a hill to take the high ground, or a river filled with cover. One team attacks and one team defends but no team has a dull game. The action is fast and fun, filled with strategy!


Breach The Castle!

The castle walls are high and well fortified! With windows and multiple ways in, any team has the chance to enter. Work your team through the woods and you have a chance! But be careful, those defending it wont give it up easily!


The Road

The road to the castle is long and filled with cover. Those defending the castle can use the front ramparts to ward off the attack but that also leaves them open to flanking! Staying still wont help you, you'll need to use cover and work as a team to have success on this road!


Internal Rooms

The castle has 10 rooms inside to offer cover. Getting into the castle is hard, but the defenders can still battle from the inside! Each room is different, with unique windows, different sizes, and more. Check out these rooms before running through the open if you don't like surprises!