See You In The "Octagon"!

Slightly smaller than Castle Anthrax, the Octagon is a fast paced, single story base. With windows and doors spread throughout the fort, there is plenty of defensive positions. Add that to being up on the high ground, and the Octagon is an imposing fort. Don't let that all fool you, the attacking team has plenty of cover and, with the right strategy, can choke out the defense! 


Attack Or Defend!

The octagon is a unique field because no matter where you start, you can attack or defend! Some teams bunker down in the octagon, others break out and attack! How will you play this field?


Move and Hide!

The woods surrounding the Octagon are FILLED with bunkers, walls, and other spots to hide. There are a million different ways to play this field because of all the cover! Move around and get lost by your opponents! 


Get in and Get Out!

The Octagon contains a flag that you must get out in order to win! Its not enough to dominate the woods, the last stronghold will be inside! Get your adrenaline up and enter the Octagon