Everyone has questions... Our management team alone has over 50 years of paintball experience. We can help you make your day one to remember! 


What is Paintball?

Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. You will be split into even teams and play games with objectives like capture the flag, total elimination and attack and defend. Each player has a marker loaded with paint filled gel-capsules (paintballs) that you eliminate other players with. If you get hit with a paintball, you are out of the game. Don’t worry, the next game will start in only a few minutes! 

Is it safe?

Paintball is safe. At AG we are very focused on the safety of all of our players. Every player gets a safety briefing when they arrive. Additionally, all of our referees are here to ensure that all rules are followed. While you play, you may be running through the woods, jumping over obstacles, climbing stairs, or just plain running! Any of these activities have their dangers but we are always here to help you through your day!  We require approved goggles to be worn at all times unless in safety areas, and also require that barrel bags (covers that prevent paintballs from leaving your marker’s barrel) be used while players are in these safety areas.

Doesn’t it hurt when you get hit?

Paintballs can be described as more of a sting, similar to having a rubber band snapped against your arm. If you are worried about paintballs hurting, we recommend wearing additional layers of clothing. Sweatshirts make great padding!

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Anyone 12 years old or older can play paintball. This game is not for children!! If you are younger than 12 you can check out Low Impact Paintball which is a type of paintball designed for kids ages 9+. Players under 18 years old, must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver form.

What time should I plan on getting to the field?

You can play for as little or as long as you would like inside of our hours which are 9am-5pm. Be sure to add about 30 min to check in and go through the safety briefings. We usually recommend planning on being here for between 4 hours and all day!

Do we need a whole team to play?

No, walk on players (individuals) are welcome every Saturday and Sunday. We make sure you play in the appropriate group, at your skill level. If you do come with friends we make sure you play together, unless you want to shoot each other! If you want a private party, you only need 8 players.

Do we play with experienced players?

No, generally novice players play only with other new players, and vice versa. Experienced players generally play in their own game at the more experienced level.

Can we have a private game?

Yes, with 8 or more players and a reservation you can have a private game at no additional cost! We assign some of our great staff members to run your group independently of other groups playing for the day. You choose your own two teams and have your own private matches.

Do you do weekday games?

Yes, with 8 or more players, we will arrange to open our facility for your group during the week.

What should we wear for clothing?

Some players prefer a more “fashionable” setup, others wear camo and other clothing to blend in. Whatever your style, we recommend wearing something you don’t mind getting dirty. Most players settle for pants and a long sleeve shirt. For first timers, you may want to add an additional layer until you feel comfortable. One last thing, a pair of shoes that fits well can really make your day that much more enjoyable.

Can I get the paint out of my clothes?

Paint is water soluble and should wash out of clothes without a problem, however we do suggest that the clothing you wear to play is clothing you don't mind getting dirty.

What safety equipment do I need?

We provide all the necessary safety equipment needed to play. Additional padding we often see includes knee pads, gloves, hats or basic additional layers. Shoes with good support is something we highly recommend for the uneven terrain of the woods.

What if we get hungry?

We have snacks and beverages available for purchase onsite all day.  We also place a “lunchtime” order from outside vendors (must be ordered by 11:30am). You can get pizzas, sandwiches, salads and more. We also have a great covered patio with gas grills. Bring your food if you want to have your own cookout!

Is alcohol permitted?

Alcohol is not permitted until you have returned any rental equipment or are done playing for the day. Once your day of paintball is finished, feel free to safely enjoy a drink (assuming you are of age) and tell stories from your day! If you do consume alcohol during play, we will ask you to no longer enjoy the day playing paintball.

Want to Know even more about Paintball?

Paintball is a fast paced team sport where players work together to eliminate opposing players or complete game objectives. Players wear protective equipment and carry paintball markers throughout the game. The paintballs themselves are gelatin balls filled with a water soluble paint mixture. If you want to see the sport in action feel free to stop on by and watch, or check it out on the web from your own home!


So how do we arrange to play?

Simple! Call 603-529-3524 or use our online reservation site