Paintball is the Perfect bachelor party experience!

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Grab your friends for a memorable party...

Paintball bachelor parties have become increasingly popular over the years. Many of the groups we see are looking for something instead of the "traditional" bachelor party. Some of the common themes we get are:

  • I wanted something unique
  • I didn't just want a hangover
  • More people could make a day time activity
  • This was cheaper than a night out
  • We could have a cookout, play, and still go out after
  • I wanted memories with my buddies that I can actually show off pictures of!
  • and more

Paintball is Perfect for bachelor parties! Have a great day out with your friends instead of, or before, going out for your night on the town!

Our player packages start at just $25! Players can chose the package that is right for them and each player can get a different package. Not only do we offer these great packages, but we also offer them in Low Impact. Low impact paintball is all the fun of paintball with less force. This may be ideal if you want to play right before your wedding day, read more here.

 If your group has 8 or more players then you get a free private referee and free private field time! Your group can have the field to yourselves and play how you want to play! Check out our pricing page for more details but with any group of 10 or more players, you get all the private field benefits!

Paintball Bachelorettes

And ladies, don't think we have forgotten about you! Some of our favorite groups have been bachelorette parties! For the same reasons, women love kicking their wedding celebrations off with a physical activity! Get your bridal party together and come experience paintball!